Managing Falls

The products for managing falls at Extra Médical offer simple and adapted solutions designed to reduce the risk of falling at home and in institutional settings. Monitors, wired or wireless, combined with pads, motion sensors, floor mats, fall mattresses, hip protectors and other accessories are essential tools for people with a loss of autonomy and mobility.


The living environment should be adapted to the resident's mobility, while remaining inviting.

Maintenance at home

When a family member or loved one is losing mobility, he/she has a higher risk of fall. Extra Médical is committed to increasing the level of autonomy of people in that circumstance with products that will make a huge difference in their daily lives at home.

Help for daily life

Patients tend to minimize the severity of their condition and/or do not fully understand which solutions might be best suited for them. Movements, hygiene routines and the living space must be well supervised and properly equipped in order to enable clients to go about their daily lives safely.

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Hip protectors

We strive to offer you the best in the industry. Our hip protectors, particularly for the elderly, are very discreet and are made of a very supple shell. This product is thus one of the few hip protectors on the market that allow people at risk of falling to wear them while sleeping.